Also did an edit

of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Favorite TV actress.



This is the last week of class…(Except I have next Monday since I am an adult student, but that is it.) This semester has passed by so fast! I am unsure of what to do this next week, so I am just cleaning up my computer, updating my sites, etc… I also need to take the Brainbench for Dreamweaver. I will either do that tomorrow or Thursday.

I did a picture in photoshop today, using only the pen tool. It’s quite generic, but I like it. I named him Ricky.

Ugh…It’s hard to believe it’s already May. I am already setting goals for next year, like not missing school and staying focused. I don’t know what was up with me this year. The first half I was sick, but other than that I don’t know. Maybe my job? Luckily I don’t close this month so it helps me get to class a bit better. Any way, here is the picture I did.


Today I wrote my end of the year letter to Mrs. Frascht, and then experimented with Photoshop CS6, and it’s not too different from CS5, to be honest. Just the layout, buttons, and new 3d aspect.

I experimented with making “skin”, a thing I saw on deviantArt. It’s actually pretty cool. Then I edited a photo of one of my favorite actresses: Michelle Rodriguez. Here are the images.



I’m getting back into drawing and during the last hour of class for the past two days I have drawn two characters, Knives and Nicholas D. Wolfwood from the anime Trigun. I am not normally into drawing anime but I just like the show a lot. Here are the images. I really like them.

Nicholas: A priest who travels around on the planet Gunsmoke collecting money for his orphanage along with his cross shaped gun, the Punisher. Not your average priest.

Knives: Vash’s twin brother. He is significantly evil, though he is easily upset and irritable. I see him as a crybaby, which is how I depicted him in the image below, since he was always whining in the show.

Brainbench, again.

This time Mrs. Frascht let me use the HTML Reference books, which I am thankful for because they are such a great help. The only problem, however, is that brainbench will not show me my results and the connection keeps taking too long so it times out. It will let me try, and I will at the end of class, maybe that will give it enough time. I felt I did really well, and if I passed and I don’t know it because the site is being wonky, I will be very angry face. D:<

Okay. Apparently it has been weird with a lot of people, so I’m not alone. But c’mon. 😦
Oh well. Now to try something else for the day.
I will do this again Thursday.

HTML 4.0 Brainbench

I finally got around to taking the HTML test, which I did not pass…again.
It’s difficult because half of it is not even on any of the tutorials that I learned, like PICS ratings or FRAMESETS and how validation issues. /facepalm.

Oh well, I will try again tomorrow. I must get this! GR!


Today I looked through a few videos on lynda to see if there was anything to help me on my weak points of the html brainbench. I found stuff on adding tables and such but some of the questions deal with putting media onto a webpage, like music, and I am not sure how to do that and can’t seem to find anything in the tutorials. Time to start digging deeper.
Near the end of class I started a doodle on my favorite anime, Trigun. I just thought it would be fun to draw a cute version of the character.